Should Your Church be Podcasting in 2021?

Should your church be podcasting? Yes!

To spread the message far and wide, you need to access every facet of technology that you can, including YouTube, Facebook, and podcasts. Each one allows you to reach people near and far, and the more channels you use, the greater your reach will be.

But it isn’t just a matter of podcasting anything – you need to make it worthwhile.

Podcasting With Passion

Using your Sunday service as the basis for your podcast is great, as is recording a message while sitting at a dedicated microphone. The key is to make it listenable.

The speaker needs to speak with passion, as it is very easy to hear boredom or disinterest in a podcast. A good quality microphone will ensure the sound is clear, and a pop filter will remove those annoying sounds that can stop people listening.

Someone with the ability to edit the audio file (software such as Garage Band or Audacity will work) will be required, as it is better to remove long silences, ensure the audio starts and ends at the right place, and that the volume is consistent all the way through.

Posting your podcast regularly will help to build an audience, and there is no limit to what you can do with a little effort.

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Podcast

There are no real reasons for you not to have a podcast – there may be some members of your congregation who aren’t fully on-board with technology or social media, and they have potential to object, but the choice of how to respond is up to you.

However, if you aren’t going to put the work in to ensure your podcast is of good quality, and don’t want to invest money in microphones or time in editing, you might be best to leave it alone. A low quality podcast won’t represent your church well, and could turn people away rather than attract them.

If you’re aiming for excellence with your podcast, you can’t go far wrong.