Revolutionizing Youth Groups: Top Youth Ministry Resources for Modern Leaders

In the whirlwind world of youth ministry, staying equipped with fresh ideas and impactful resources is the cornerstone of creating engaging experiences for young minds. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned veteran looking to spice up your sessions, the quest for quality youth ministry resources is unending. Today, let’s embark on a … Read more

Church Tech Team Training

Church tech teams are an integral part of church life. They provide the technical knowledge and support that allows everything from video and audio equipment to office computers and even phone systems to work as church members expect. However, church tech team members don’t always know everything they need to understand to get everything working. … Read more

Building a Church Tech Team

Building church tech teams has become a challenging task in recent years. The church world is changing and church leadership is changing with it. More churches are looking for church tech leaders to build church tech teams that will be able to lead them into the future. What is church tech team and why would … Read more

How To Write a Church Marketing Plan

We live in a church-going culture, and yet church marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of church ministry. If you’re looking to grow your church, then it’s time to start thinking about church marketing! Marketing isn’t a dirty word – it’s just the process of telling people about what you do. We are … Read more

Church Tech Support: The Good, the Bad, and How to Combat It

If you are a church leader, it is likely that you have found yourself in the position where you need to provide church tech support. This can be an overwhelming task for some church leaders who find themselves scrambling to fix broken computers, troubleshoot faulty sound systems and projectors, or even just trying to figure … Read more

The Challenges Of The Church In The 21st Century

With 2000 years passing since the birth of Jesus, you would think that all the problems a local church could encounter had been resolved. After all, wars have been fought and won in less time, aircraft and computers have been invented – what could be left to resolve? We also know that God continues to … Read more

Church Growth Ideas

Declining numbers in church attendance have led to many churches looking for ways to grow. This has become more difficult with the way in which the coronavirus pandemic has affected church meetings, but growth is still possible. In fact, many churches have had more visitors online than they have ever had in person, and the … Read more