Building an Affordable Church Website

As we continue to bridge the gap between the church and technology, one of the most effective tools we can employ is a church website. A website is like a digital home for your church, offering a space for members and potential visitors to learn about your mission, events, services, and community activities. However, when … Read more

The Best Church Website Templates

Website templates are an easier way of creating a website that meets your needs. Colour schemes, layout, design elements, and special functions can all be part of a template. It makes sense to use a template rather than needing to reinvent the wheel every time you need to set up a website. Church website templates … Read more

Church Social Media Christmas Edition

Churches around the world are gearing up for Christmas with social media, but have they chosen the right strategy? Using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to connect with more people is a great idea. The question remains: will this new strategy be successful? And how might it affect the local congregation’s connection during the … Read more

How To Write a Church Marketing Plan

We live in a church-going culture, and yet church marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of church ministry. If you’re looking to grow your church, then it’s time to start thinking about church marketing! Marketing isn’t a dirty word – it’s just the process of telling people about what you do. We are … Read more

Need Inspiration for Your Church Website?

church website

Here Are Some of The Best Church Websites Today You have finally decided to build a church website for your congregation. You want to make it the best that you can, and inspire others in the process. After all, you want to spread the message and get people interested in your church! In this post, … Read more

How do I make a church website?

Almost every business – including churches – will benefit from having a website, but for most people, it’s difficult to see how to get one. They’ll often need to use a professional website development team to get their site online, and may never understand the terminology. Building a website from scratch can seem very intimidating! … Read more

How Do I Improve Search Engine Rankings?

To reach the top few spots on the search results, you need to get many things right with your website. You need to target the right subjects, choose the right keywords, and maybe just be in the right place at the right time – but search engine optimization can help you boost your rankings. There … Read more