Use Linktree to Enhance Instagram for Churches

If you’re posting or reading social media, you’ll no doubt have seen “link in bio” on many Instagram posts. This is because Instagram doesn’t support links within the text of your post – you can only have one single actionable link, and that’s in your page bio.

But what do you do if you want to link to multiple different pages?

Enter Linktree.

Links in Instagram Posts

Linktree allows you to insert a single link into your Instagram bio that directs to the Linktree site – specifically, your page on the site.

This can be customized with different colours, you can add a logo, and make it tie in nicely with the branding of your church.

You can create one or more buttons that link to pages of your choosing – perhaps you want to link to your livestream, a giving page, a page about church groups, and so on. Using Linktree makes this simple, and it looks like an extension of your own site.

The basic options – including unlimited links – are free, and more complex options are available for a small monthly fee. These include link thumbnails, social icons, link scheduling, and pretty much anything you would need to make your links stand out.

Why Create Links from Instagram?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where links can be included in your posts, Instagram limits you to one link. By expanding this with Linktree, you don’t need to edit your bio every day to link to different events or services – you simply add them to your Linktree page.

It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and almost seems like it should be unnecessary. However, it is needed, as many people make Instagram their primary social media platform. People will click through to a bio and click a link, but they are unlikely to remember a link and type it into their browser.

If you want your social media users to get the best experience while trying to access content from your church, you need to consider using Linktree.