Church Tech Team Shirts

Few church workers have the chance to wear t-shirts with their church’s logo on it. Sure, you might see a few church members wearing them, but you don’t often see church techs or other non-teaching staff sporting such swag. There are many benefits to having church tech team shirts for your church though!

If you are on the church tech team, it’s likely that you have some personal pride in your church. And why not? You spend a lot of time there and put in a lot of hard work to make sure everything is running smoothly on Sunday mornings.

It helps build team spirit and creates a sense of belonging among the church tech team. Church visitors will also find it easier to identify who is on your church’s technology team because they’ll be able to spot those members in a crowd more easily when they’re wearing t-shirts with your logo on them too!

Here are some tips that can help make sure you get high-quality shirts printed at an affordable price:

Shop around for church tech team t-shirts

If you’re looking for church tech team shirts, you should shop around for the best quality at an affordable price. You want to ensure that the church’s logo will be clear and the shirt will last through many church services. Be sure to do your research on how much church t-shirts cost and find out what companies are most likely to offer a good buy. There are also a number of websites that offer church t-shirts if you don’t have one in mind – even general t-shirt sites will often have a custom option for you to upload your own design. Just make sure that you read reviews and see pictures before buying!

Get quotes from multiple shirt printing companies because you want to find the best price and quality.

In a rush?

Find a church t-shirts supplier in your area that can do rush orders if you need them done faster than usual. This might not be quite so cost-effective, but when you need and emergency shirt (or ten), you NEED an emergency shirt!

Use church logos and church colors in your t-shirt design

When designing church tech team shirts, make sure to consider church logos and church colors. You want church visitors to be able to identify which church the church tech team belong to, even within a service in their own church! If your church has a lot of yellow in the logo, the t-shirts should probably have the same.

It’s also a good idea to include your church’s slogan or church message on the t-shirts so church visitors can find out more about God from your church too!

Don’t always go for bulk

Find a church tech team t-shirt printer that can print as few or as many shirts as you need to meet your needs. While buying 100 shirts may work out at a lower cost-per-shirt, if you only have 5 members in your tech team, it’s overkill!

If you can afford it, always get a few more shirts than you need. Someone will lose one, another will rip, and there will always be someone who can join the team – but unless you’re expecting a massive increase in the number of members in the team, don’t get too many shirts!

Get that team spirit

Remember, church is about people coming together to worship, and it’s also about community. It might not seem like a big deal to have church tech team shirts until you see the smiles on the faces of your team members when they receive their shirt. Church tech is often a thankless job, and the team only gets noticed when something goes wrong.

It’s time to turn that around!

Get a Free Church Shirt Kit

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