Choosing A Church Name

Choosing a church name can be difficult. You want to make sure that it is unique, but you also want to make sure that people can find it when they search for churches in your area. There are many factors to consider when choosing a church name, and we have put together some tips that will help you choose the perfect one!

Be You – Be Unique

Unless you are part of a tradition that names churches after saints, it might be  important to be unique. You want to be easily identifiable, but you also need to be easily identifiable as a CHURCH. Ensure that the name can be found by people who search for churches in your area.

A good way to do this is to tag “church” on the end of your name. Even if you are the Coffee Cup Church, it will be clear that you are a church….however there is an alternative point of view.

Avoid Using ‘Church’ or Similar Terms

Some people may be looking for an organization with “church” in their name that isn’t actually a church, so avoiding “church” can be helpful. If you research your area beforehand, you should be able to discover if such an organization exists. You can also include the word “community” to represent that it’s not just a place of worship but rather a meeting ground for both believers and non-believers alike.

Check out the Competition!

Research other churches with similar names or brands. Make sure your choice isn’t too common and doesn’t share any similarities so as not confuse people searching for information about different congregations of faith.

Choosing a church name isn’t for your own benefit, it is for the benefit of those who will use the church. Creating confusion will do nothing good for your reputation, and you might end up losing part of your congregation to a similar church in the next town over!

Choose Your Words Carefully

Be careful not to choose anything controversial or offensive like words related to violence, drugs, alcohol, crimes etc.; others might find it upsetting or see it as a bad reflection on themselves if they were to attend the church.

What Makes Your Church Unique?

It is important to choose something representative of what makes you unique as a congregation – whether it be your size, location, denomination or mission statement; there are plenty of options! Think about who might visit your website when they search on Google and pick out keywords accordingly. This will help bring potential new members through the doors.

Bible verse

Consider Bible Verses

Use a Bible verse or two in your name to represent the values you want to uphold. For example, if the church focuses on being inclusive and welcoming people with all types of backgrounds then consider choosing words like love, peace, justice or mercy – words that are often associated with any Christian denomination.


Consider using an acronym for the focus word(s) of what makes up this ministry – it is easier than ever before to come up with something clever. For example, MERCY could be Making Every Revelation Change You. 

Be Creative

Choose a name that reflects who you are as an individual congregation and will stand out among other churches; be creative! It can even be something simple like the name of your geographical location.

Easy To Remember

Select an easy to remember and spellable church name that represents what you stand for. If it is difficult to pronounce then potential parishioners may not come back if they have trouble figuring out how to say it!

Be Clear on Your Message

It’s important when choosing a church name that people know what your message is through just your church name. Is the name supposed to make people laugh? Or is it a serious message that you want expressed as soon as they hear your church’s name? Choose wisely!

Pray about it

Pray About It

You are welcome to search for inspiration on Google, but ultimately prayer is what will lead you to the best choice. There may be something about your town or geographic location that has significance and should inform your decision-making process. Maybe there is already an established church in this area with a great reputation; consider partnering together instead of trying to take away from their success by choosing the same thing! 

Be Aware of Trademark Restrictions

Some names are protected by trademark registrations and restrictions, so make certain that your name hasn’t already been registered. Google can certainly help here.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Ideas With Others

The internet is a great place to start if you feel shy about sharing your ideas with the people that will have an impact on this decision. One of the best ways to narrow down potential options for choosing your church name is to get feedback from as many different sources as possible.

Stay True To Yourself And Your Vision

Ultimately, it’s all up to how much time and commitment are willing to put into any decisions made at this stage. Choose a unique but appropriate title that communicates what you want others to know about who you are.