Celebrating Easter While The Pandemic Continues

As this post is published, we’re about to enter Easter weekend 2021. The team at SmartChurchTech would like to wish you all a happy Easter, and we hope you can celebrate in the way you want.

The pandemic has not let up, and it is hard to believe that anyone can find joy in Easter this year. But for those who are still trying to keep their faith alive, there are still some ways to celebrate the holiday season.

Smart technology like tablets and smartphones have been a blessing in this time of need because they provide access to online church services even when we cannot physically attend services on Sunday mornings – or at any other time. There are plenty of resources available through these devices such as sermons, Bible studies, and special events.

If your local church isn’t offering an online Easter service, you’ll easily be able to find one on YouTube and other platforms. We know that some churches remain open during this time, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is likely that any meetings will be subdued and will be open to fewer churchgoers than normal.

Even if you end up celebrating Easter at home, there are brighter days ahead. The challenges of the next 12 months will be different from those of the previous 12 months, but all we have to do is keep going, keep believing, and keep innovating ways we can connect with each other.

Let’s spend some time between now and next Easter finding ways to build our churches more strongly, using technology effectively, and reaching people from far and wide.

Have a very Happy Easter.