The Church & Technology

The church is changing. The modern church has to be more than just a building with stained glass windows and an altar at the front. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in how people worship, and in turn, how churches interact with their communities.

Have you considered that you can use technology to help your church grow? You can share information about what’s going on inside the walls of the church as well as outside of them too – and you can make your services run more smoothly than ever before.

If you’re a church-goer, it’s important to understand that the church of today is not necessarily what your parents experienced. Church has changed and will continue changing as we move into the future.

Churchgoers can use technology to better experience their faith – while using less energy on things like printing bulletins or making paper copies of the Order of Service.

Not everyone is going to be able to make the switch from paper copies easily – but if you’re willing, it can give your church a new way of interacting with their community.

If you’ve already started using technology in your service and want some help making sure that everything is up-to-date, we’re here to offer plenty of tips for what equipment you’ll need, what software works well, and what hardware can make a difference.

A church website and even blogging is a great way to share your church’s story and help people who might be new in town or looking for an experience that matches up with their beliefs. Even if you’re not using the internet as part of your service, having a blog can show off what makes your congregation special – from the history, to how they celebrate events, to where they volunteer.

If you want your church service to be even more interactive, consider incorporating social media into the mix by connecting your church Facebook page or Twitter account with a webcast and live feed from services. This will give all of your followers an inside look at what’s going on in your church – it can also help increase attendance with a reach that can’t be matched.

How to Use Church Technology

If this all seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry. We have a church tech checklist available for you to use – and we’ll constantly update it with the latest info.

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