The Best Church Website Templates

Website templates are an easier way of creating a website that meets your needs. Colour schemes, layout, design elements, and special functions can all be part of a template. It makes sense to use a template rather than needing to reinvent the wheel every time you need to set up a website. Church website templates … Read more

How do I make a church website?

Almost every business – including churches – will benefit from having a website, but for most people, it’s difficult to see how to get one. They’ll often need to use a professional website development team to get their site online, and may never understand the terminology. Building a website from scratch can seem very intimidating! … Read more

Paying For Web Traffic

When your church website becomes popular, it often seems that reason you have a lot of traffic is because…you have a lot of traffic. But how do you get traffic in the first place? Organic rankings on search engines such as Google or Bing will get you traffic, especially if your site is clearly targeted. … Read more

Church Website Builder Comparison

Rapidly accelerating since early 2021, the need to get churches online has never been greater. There has been fast adaptation and adoption of online streaming, and many churches are now semi-confidently producing videos every week, but it’s possible that a cornerstone of your online presence is missing – a church website. With or without a … Read more

What is SEM and PPC?

Customers make for a successful business, and visitors make for a successful church website. There are many ways to attract customers and visitors – one of the best ways to attract people is to place your product, service, or website directly in front of them, and with the use of a search engine, this becomes … Read more