What is SEO content?

The purpose of every site on the internet is to attract visitors, and the most common way for a site to be found is through the use of a search engine. Generally speaking, the higher up in the search results that your website appears, the more likely someone is to click on it. The process … Read more

How Do I Improve Search Engine Rankings?

To reach the top few spots on the search results, you need to get many things right with your website. You need to target the right subjects, choose the right keywords, and maybe just be in the right place at the right time – but search engine optimization can help you boost your rankings. There … Read more

SEO for Churches

seo for churches

If you’ve got a church website, it probably exists for two reasons. First, to let present church attendees know what is happening with updates about the next services, upcoming events, and so on. Second, to attract new visitors to the church and get them through the door. What you may not have considered is using … Read more