Digital Evangelism

Digital evangelism is quickly becoming a powerful force for spreading the Word of God. With advancements in technology, especially social media platforms and digital communication, it’s easier than ever to connect with people around the world.  By leveraging digital programs and applications, churches can reach more people than ever before. Live streaming services are enabling … Read more

Church Livestreaming Trends

The Rise of Instantaneous Communication In today’s world, it seems like everything is done in “real time.” From social media to instant messaging and live streaming, there are few barriers between you and the rest of the world. This has also translated into church services. Churches all across the globe have been embracing this trend … Read more

Should You Start an Online Church Campus?

online church campus

It’s no secret that the church has changed in recent years. Churches are struggling to stay afloat, and a lack of funds is one reason for this, as well as the COVID pandemic. As a result, churches have begun to turn to new technologies such as livestreaming and videoconferencing in order to save money on … Read more