Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the Church

Today, we’re going to explore a topic that’s a buzzword in the tech world and beyond: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As we increasingly encounter AI in our daily lives, it’s worth considering how it might also find a place in our churches. Let’s demystify AI, explore its potential benefits and drawbacks, and consider whether it’s something … Read more

Going Pro with Church Social Media Videos

Do you want to create engaging and attractive videos for social media and promotions? Church video technology has come a long way, and church leaders have more options than ever before when it comes to capturing church events. This includes live streaming, recording church services, and creating promotional videos for social media. For many churches, … Read more

Choosing a Password Manager for Your Church: UPDATED

Whether you’re looking for a password manager to replace LastPass, or you’re just starting out looking for a password manager to help you get organized, you’re not alone. For quite some time, LastPass was one of the top choices for people who needed to keep their passwords under control, generate secure passwords, or – like … Read more