Robotic Lawnmowers and 2 Other Automations

You might be wondering why a church would need a robotic lawnmower. The answer is quite simple – this is the Smart Church Tech website, and what could be more smart-tech than a robotic lawnmower?

Many churches have grassed areas outside the building, and it will take some work to keep them in good order. Using a robotic lawnmower to look after these areas will allow you to concentrate on things that require human interaction.

What does a robotic lawnmower do?

Imagine a regular electric lawnmower but without the handles. Picture it roaming around your lawn and mowing as it goes – that pretty much covers it! It removes the hard work from keeping the grass short, saving you energy, and making garden upkeep simple.

But that’s not the only way you can keep your church looking great – there are indoor solutions too.

The Mamibot Robotics Cleaning Solutions

There’s nothing new about automated vacuum cleaners as they have been around for several years now. The Mamibot range does include a few interesting extras such as products designed specifically for cleaning pet hair. Additionally, the Mamibot vacuum cleaners can work with Alexa and Google Home devices for that added touch of magic.

Using these devices will certainly free up some time for you while still keeping those important rooms clean, including the church office, church hall, and even the sanctuary.

Mamibot also provides robot window cleaners, electronic mops, and mattress cleaners. And of course, the Jetter M1 and M2 robot lawnmowers.

Keep the Church Cat Happy While You’re At It

The Mamibot vacuum cleaners will pick up pet hair, but we all know the church cat doesn’t just leave fur behind. One of the least popular chores among cat owners is cleaning out the litter tray, and robotic automation now extends to that very task.

Litter-robot may be just what you’ve been looking for to keep your cat-based chores to a minimum. It’s an automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats and looks a little like a space helmet crossed with a cement mixer. They’re not cheap, but the upside is that you’ll never have to scoop litter again.

It’s certainly a luxury device, but if you’re committed to automating everything you can, it may be worth a look.