Going Pro with Church Social Media Videos

Do you want to create engaging and attractive videos for social media and promotions? Church video technology has come a long way, and church leaders have more options than ever before when it comes to capturing church events. This includes live streaming, recording church services, and creating promotional videos for social media.

For many churches, in-service videos fall under the category of “it is what it is” and while better quality cameras and professional-style editing can help, the message is the important thing.

The hardest part of this equation is getting people to the service in the first place, whether it is online or in the church building itself. Creating engaging posts for social media is a key factor in achieving this, and in this post, we’ll show you a few ways you can create promotional videos easily so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your church!


Viddyoze allows you to create eyecatching videos that hook viewers within seconds. Template-based, you can use stock footage, generated animations, and even your own logo.

Videos are optimized for every platform, and the whole process is simple – even for inexperienced video creators.

Intros and outros along with transitions are a speciality, and if you want to make an impact on an audience, you can’t go far wrong with Viddyoze.

Find out more about Viddyoze here.


What could be easier than having your video created for you? While designs.ai has a range of AI-backed services on offer, one of the most intriguing is the AI video creator.

You simply write a script of what you want to say, feed it into the VideoMaker part of the website, and wait a few minutes.

A computer-generated voice (that can often pass for human, with a selection of voice types to choose from) reads your script while stock videos play on-screen.

If your script talks about golf, you’ll see a ball dropping into a hole. Talking about swimming? You’ll see a pool or an ocean. There are thousands of short clips that can be strung together to create a unique video.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t quite work – but you can manually change clips to find the perfect match. The hit rate for success is extremely high, and you can create a 30-60 second video in just minutes.

Find out more at designs.ai.


Want to create an animated video? Videoscribe might be the answer you’re looking for. Choose from thousands of images to put together and animate to get your message across.

Add music from the library or add your own by MP3 upload, and you’re ready to go.

Increase engagement with a superb animated video – find out more here.