Easter 2021 is Coming

Easter Sunday is on April 4th 2021, just over a year since the beginning of the first UK lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, plans were cancelled, services stopped, and everything looked very bleak indeed.

12 months later and it’s a different story. Just as the world is waking up from its winter slumber, the restrictions are slowly being lifted, and we are re-emerging into what we hope will be a post-pandemic world. Whatever your view on lockdowns, masks, vaccines, or anything else related to coronavirus, we can all agree that Easter this year will be different to other years.

We know that Easter 2021 and 2020 have to be different from previous years, but they will also be significantly different from each other. Easter 2021 will have church services going ahead in-person and online, with physical meet ups still limited in numbers and requiring social distancing – but at least we can meet.

Last year, it wasn’t so easy. Nobody really knew what was happening, or what would happen next, and there was a pervading sense of fear. While Easter Bank Holiday 2021 won’t see a return to the mass gatherings at scenic locations that occurred in prior years, we might still be able to see friends in a park – it’s a positive step forward.

easter 2021

Easter chocolate is still around, and you’ll be able to enjoy your Easter eggs as before. You can indulge in Easter crafts, put up decorations, get your Easter flowers, and look forward to a better year than the last 12 months.

In fact, Easter 2021 is not dissimilar to the message of Easter as a whole. When lockdown began on March 23rd 2020, the UK experienced it’s own Good Friday – a dark day where there appeared to be no hope, no chance for joy, no simple way out.

When Jesus died, he lay in the grave for three days. Our Good Friday has taken a year to overcome, but we’re now filled with the same hope that came on the original Easter Sunday. There’s a chance that everything will be OK, everything will get better, and there’s something greater just around the corner.

The lockdown periods gave many people the opportunity to look inwards and discover (or rediscover) their faith. Unfortunately, many others went in the opposite direction, and lost all hope. Easter is a time for hope, and your church can be part of this.

Whatever your plans are for Easter 2021, make sure that you let people know. Send out emails, post on social media, put signs up outside your church building. Invite everyone and celebrate the new life that everyone can have access to.

Easter is coming, and it brings the promise of a better future. From Good Friday to Easter Bank Holiday Monday, make sure you celebrate and look forward to the good things that are still to come.