Church Livestreaming Trends

The Rise of Instantaneous Communication

In today’s world, it seems like everything is done in “real time.” From social media to instant messaging and live streaming, there are few barriers between you and the rest of the world. This has also translated into church services. Churches all across the globe have been embracing this trend by broadcasting their service live on the internet for anyone to watch.

Streaming church services through live video allows parishioners who can’t make it to church Sunday morning or evening a way to participate remotely while still feeling connected with their religious community.

Livestreaming Trends

The rise of church live streaming has led to a significant increase in participation among young people. In fact, the majority of livestream viewers are between 18-34 years old and churches typically see up to an 80% increase in attendance when they broadcast their services through video.

This can be attributed to social media’s popularity with this age group as well as convenience for those who don’t have time or access to attend traditional Sunday morning worship. As interactive technology becomes more prevalent, it seems like we’re seeing less boundaries between people and what is happening all around the world. Livestreaming may not replace church attendance but could certainly help bolster church membership going forward.

Until livestreaming became mainstream, the number of young people connecting with churches was not as high as could be hoped. By connecting via technology that young people already use – online video, social media, etc – a new dimension has opened up.

As a church looking to grow, it is imperative that you stay connected with your members and potential new ones. Churches are no longer the only place where people gather!

On Their Own Schedule

The benefits of church streaming extend beyond just “working” hours too – some people prefer not attending church because they’re single parents and need time off from taking care of kids during the weekdays. Others may want to attend but don’t have transportation available (public transit), so livening up these streams helps them connect as well.

The ability to replay a live stream at the viewer’s convenience is a great facility, and one of the trends you may see is that “live-live” attendance online is lower than “virtual-live” attendance during the rest of the week.

Higher Production Values

Livestreaming trends for churches don’t get any more important than this. When the viewer is used to seeing high quality TV shows and streams from other locations, it is vital that you produce the best stream you can.

While the message may still get through, it’s easier for someone to watch when they’re enjoying what they see from an aesthetic point of view.

Future Trends

Online tithing is already working well, and some churches are looking at starting an online campus. The future only holds better streaming technology and more opportunities to connect with people locally and globally – isn’t it time your church embrace livestreaming to its fullest potential?